About GGSIPU University

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, 'A' Grade accreditation with NAAC, established by Government of NCT of Delhi under the provisions of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Act, 1998 read with its Amendment in 1999.

Vision: “The University will stimulate both the hearts and minds of scholars, empower them to contribute to the welfare of society at large; train them to adopt themselves to the changing needs of the economy; advocate them for cultural leadership to ensure peace, harmony and prosperity for all.”

Mission: “Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University shall strive hard to provide a market oriented professional education to the student community of India in general and of Delhi in particular, with a view to serving the cause of higher education as well as to meet the needs of the Indian industries by promoting establishment of colleges and Schools of Studies as Centres of Excellence in emerging areas of education with focus on professional education in disciplines of engineering, technology, medicine, education, pharmacy, nursing, law, etc.”


GGSIPU 2020 Rank Analyzer
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MyCampusNotes.com brings you GGSIPU 2020 Rank Analyzer, with over 30.4K ranks analyzed with 16.8K as the average rank student has entered to analyze the rank, myCampusNotes rank analyzer bring you an estimate of colleges available at your rank.

This analyzer is divided into 3 parts [the ambitious college, moderate college and safe colleges highlighted in red, yellow and green color respectively. This analyzer directly takes average of last 4 years college cutoff and using our algorith it aggregrates these cutoff's and brings meaningful insights for your cutoff rank.

Note : This predictor is based on the analysis of previous years cutoff published publically on GGSIPU website, mycampusnotes compile and uses it's own algorithm to detect and predict what colleges one would get within that rank, please not that this is not the accurate predciton of the rank and by using this rank analyzer you agree to terms and conditions and mycampusnotes is no way responsible for any advert change in the upcoming counseling of GGSIPU which will change the nature of this rank analyzer

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