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All you need to know about M/S Infosys winter internship
11-29-2014, 10:48 PM (This post was last modified: 11-29-2014 10:48 PM by Deep_Singh.)
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All you need to know about M/S Infosys winter internship
Q What is infosys internship program ?
A students get the opportunity to work on a mandatory projects, which is a curriculum requirement, but also work under the guidance of project managers. Entry level training shall also be provided to these students to equipment with an understanding to undertake the project and handle its complexities.

Q What is the duration of the internship program?
A The duration of the internship is 16 weeks [First 6 weeks training, next 10 weeks project]

Q Will this internship help in completing my final year semester?
A Altough entry level training shall also be provided to these students to equipment with an understanding to undertake the project and handle its complexities, but infosys might NOT help you in completing your final year semester, you have to return to your college and complete your semester examination.

Q. How is this training different from Foundation program?
A. Normally the training contains the following:

1. Generic Training - General IT topics (Programming Basics, DBMS, Cloud Computing, SOA etc.,)
2. Stream Trainig - Advanced training on one or two specific topics (Java, Open Systems, Oracle, SAP etc.,)
3. Professional Skills Training (Soft Skills, Business Communication etc.,)

Most part of these trainings are evaluated at the end of it.

Q Can I select stream or technology of my own ?
A No. The stream/technology completly depends on business requirement at Infosys.

Q Do I need a NOC [No Objection Certificate] from college regarding this internship ?
A Yes you need a NOC from college or university authroity. Since you require to stay at infosys for 4 months you will need college permission to attend thesame.

Q Is accomodation free while going through the internship program?
A Yes the accomodation is free, infosys mysore and mangalore provides free accomodation to all the internship students.

Q Is the food available free of cost?
A No the food isn't available free of cost, you have to pay for basic facilities.

Q Since I am at infosys for 4 months, will it hamper my engineering degree?
A No, since you are getting NOC from college, it wont affect the cikkege studies.

Q If I am unable to pass the intenrship program at infosys, what are the consequences ?
A You can again join infosys at system engineer and complete the Foundation programme.

Q How much stipend will we get during internship program?
A Stipend of around 5k to 8k per month is provided to all infosys training employees.

Q If I successfully completed the internship program, can I go through the foundation program?
A Once you completed the internship programme then you cannot go through the foundation programme, you will join infosys as an employee not a trainee, this will save your valuable 4-6 months.

Q Do my salary depends on the performance in internship program?
A Yes the salary structure depedends on how you perform in internship/foundation program.

Q Let us assume I consider for my internship but in the last semester I got a back, so how would I return infosys after that ?
A After you complete your engineering, infosys will contact you back to rejoin organization.

Q Can I choose my location of preference while in internship?
A You can choose the posting location, but after you complete the intenship and get the posting location, you have to directly report to that infosys center only, no need to contact infosys mysore/mangalore.

Q Can I opt out of rejoining after successfully completed the internship programme at infosys ?
A Once you join infosys, you have to sign a bond, if you don't opt in then you need to consider the consequences as per rules written in the bond.

Q Will I get any completion certificate of internship program?
A No

Q Will this internship be added in my college degree certificate ?
A No

Q How will I manage my studies along with internship?
A It totally depends on you, infosys will not be liable for any impact in your college studies.

Q If I am unable to clear the internship program, will I loose the job at infosys?
A No, you will not be terminated. You will be called again in infosys to go through foundation program.

Q Shall I go for internship program?
A Well it completly depends on you, both have equal scope and opportunites.

Q What shall I produce for my final year project?
A You can produce your project that you will do in the 10 weeks at infosys, remember that infosys is not resonsible for any internal practicals or viva.

Q I got mail from Infosys to avail Internship program. But I want to go for foundation program and would opt out from availing opportunity in internship. Will it be possible?
A Yes you may opt out for internship program and go for foundation program.
Source : Questions from @Sowmak Bardhan from Infosys 2015 Joinees group at fb. and few answers from quora

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