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How I scored 100 percentile in Quantitative Ability in AMCAT
01-24-2015, 06:28 PM
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How I scored 100 percentile in Quantitative Ability in AMCAT
Quantitative Ability in AMCAT

Quantitative ability of AMCAT consist of following question(s)/syllabus

Basic Numbers
Decimals and fractions
Basic algebra
Factorisation, divisibility, HCF, LCM
Odd, even, prime, rational numbers

Word Problems

Application of algebra to real world
Direct and inverse proportion

Common Applications
Profit and loss
Age relations

Premutation and combination, Basic Probability
Factorial Notation
Principles of counting
P&C with repetition, restriction and counting
Probability, Addition and multiplication law
Events : Dependent, Independent, Exclusive events

Power and Logarithms

Factorial and negative powers
Graphical, intuitive understanding
Logarithm/antilog definatio and properties
Word problems
Mixed with Algebra

The Question pattern for Quants is as follows (expected)
Number of Questions : 25
Total Time allotted : 35 minutes
Minimum Questions to be attempted : 15

For other sections : Visit this link

So seeing the above pattern almost around 1.2 minutes are needed max for attempting each question (That's not a lot of time considering minimum amount of questions to be answered as per the rules [else you will get -1], means that you can give max to max around 2.5 minutes per question [in worst case scenario] but do remember that once you have submitted the answer you cannot revert back to the question because AMCAT is an adaptive test, means that your next question will depend on your previous answer.

So main question strike, how to prepare for Quants in AMCATHow to score a high percentile in Quants in AMCAT?

Well time management is the key, you must note that each section is around 900 marks, but its unclear that how much marks each question weigh. Checking out marks/question(s) it makes around 36 marks per question [but the score calculation may depend on many factors like time : accuracy, and much more.

AMCAT Sample Questions [Quant][500+ Questions]

Recommended Book to refer : Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations (English)

The Quantitative Ability assesses the ability of the candidate in the following two aspects: 

A. Basic understanding of numbers and applications
This section tests whether the candidate has understanding of basic number system, i.e., fractions, decimals, negative, positive, odd, even numbers, rational numbers, etc. The candidate should know how to do basic operations on these numbers, understand concepts of factors/divisibility and have good practice on algebra.
Apart from operations on numbers, the candidate should know how to convert a real-world problem into equations, which could be solved to find an unknown quantity. The candidate is tested on Word Problems representing various scenarios to assess the same. 

B. Analytical/Engineering Maths
These are aspects of mathematics needed for Engineering disciplines and analysis of data. This includes permutation-combination, probability and understanding of logarithms. 
Following is a 7 day schedule which need to be followed for getting a high percentile in AMCAT.

Day 1 :  Complete chapter(s) 1, 2, 3, 4.
The chapter(s) are following
Chapter 1 : Numbers
Chapter 2 : HCF and LCM of Numbers
Chapter 3 : Decimal Fractions
Chapter 4 : Simplification
These are one of the difficult chapters of quants section of amcat, these chapters consist of some tricky questions, it is expected that you might recieve this 2nd or 3rd question (assuming that your first 2 are correct) or you might recive an easy question from this as 1st question, maximum time is needed to solve these questions, it might take upto 2-3 minutes as it involves some multiplication (which is time consuming), so full dedication is needed for these 4 chapters, else you might lose a lot of time.

Day 2-3 :  Complete chapter(s) 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.
The chapter(s) are following
Chapter 15 : Time & work
Chapter 16 : Pipes & cistern
Chapter 17 : Time & distance
Chapter 18 : Problem on trains
Chapter 19 : Boats and streams
Chapter 20 : Alligation of mixtures
Altough these chapters are small but these are extremly important regarding competetive and examination point of view, there is almost surity that you might recieve these questions after attempting 3-4 are correct. Take these type of questions seriously, most probably you will see these type of questions in every oncampus and offcampus aptitude tests. Practice this thoroughly all solved and unsolved questions.

Day 4 :  Complete chapter(s) 6,7,8,10,11
The chapter(s) are following
Chapter 6 : Average
Chapter 7 : Problem on numbers
Chapter 8 : Problem on ages
Chapter 10 : Percentage
Chapter 11 : Profit & loss
Another important topic is profit and loss, complete these within 1 day [its not that difficult] but make sure that you dont skip any of these, these are important chapters again from interview and exam point of view, complete all with solved and unsolved.

Day 5 :  Revise previous 15 chapters
There are plenty of study material along with sample exam papers available, here are the following links that might help
AMCAT & Elitmus
AMCAT & Elitmus sample aptitude questions
AMCAT Sample Questions [Quant][500+ Questions]
Day 6 :  Complete chapters 21,22,23 
The chapter(s) are following
Chapter 21 : Simple Interest
Chapter 22 : Compound Interest
Chapter 23 : Logarithms
Logarithms is one of the important chapter(s) which most probably you will get the first question, if you had studied for competetive exams in class XII, this chapter might be a cakewalk, you might only need around 30-40 minutes to complete the whole chapter. Rest for simple and compound interest you might recieve 1 question from either of the chapters. So prepare well.

Day 7 :  Complete chapters 30,31
The chapter(s) are following
Chapter 30 : Permutation and combination
Chapter 31 : Probability
Again these two chapters are most important chapters, you might sureshot recieve 1 question from these 2 chapters, a through revision must be done solving both solved and unsolved questions.
If you follow the above pattern, there are high chances that you might land 90+ percentile or even a 100%ile. If you have any doubt(s) then you can leave a comment below.

All the best.

 Thanks given by: san93 , anugrah , Sanjoy Kanrar , amulyasaimaddali , guptarchika , helloshores , Harita Marni , Nitansh Vaidya
07-30-2015, 11:47 PM
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RE: How I scored 100 percentile in Quantitative Ability in AMCAT
hello brother !! thnx for d schedule ...plz suggest wen and how shud we prepare for programming ( cse domain )
07-31-2015, 04:05 PM
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RE: How I scored 100 percentile in Quantitative Ability in AMCAT
(07-30-2015 11:47 PM)'vatan' Wrote:  hello brother !! thnx for d schedule ...plz suggest wen and how shud we prepare for programming ( cse domain )


well I would recommend you to start programming from Day 1 of the schedule itself, just go with small bits of topics, complete syllabus is mentioned here : Amcat Syllabus

09-17-2015, 11:05 PM
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RE: How I scored 100 percentile in Quantitative Ability in AMCAT
 hello brother , vil you pls kindly tell me the difficulty level of questions askd in amcat in diffrnt sections ?is the difficulty level same as of sample questions you have uploaded in reasoning and quant pdf.? And I am practising prvious ssc exam papers is that be relevant or not? And also pls tell me the best source of practise from where I can practis complt test papers rathr than indivdul chptre frm buks lik rs Agarwal.waiting for kind revert.thankyou.
09-23-2015, 10:26 PM
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RE: How I scored 100 percentile in Quantitative Ability in AMCAT
 thanku for giving information..can u tell me abt technical also..i m an electronics engineer...plzz suggest some study material for it..or send me in my mail id:[email protected]
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