Previous Versions

 Final version 2015 : Completly revamped the website, mobile compatable added advanced rank analyzer,college analyzer and much more.
 Final version 2014.1010 : launched, mobile friendly version of notes section launched.
                       Now out of beta version.
                       GGSIPU Notes section Dashboard
                       GGSIPU Notes section Login
                       GGSIPU Notes section Registration
                       GGSIPU Notes section List of Notes
                       GGSIPU Notes section Upload Notes
                       GGSIPU Notes section Search for notes
 β version 2014.0629 : Front page completly changed. Dynamic elements added.
                       Notes section launch date, 01 aug 2014.
                       Bugs removed.
 β version 2014.0608 : Almost a long month break for our end term exams.
                       GGSIPU FAQ's added.
                       Notes for mechanical and cse students accumulation have started, will start for other streams too.
 β version 2014.0511 : GGSIPU 2014 Brochure page launched, fully AJAX.
                       Codework for notes section is going on, 20% completed.
                       Codework for mobile version still going on.                        
 β version 2014.0503 : myCampusNotes GGSIPU Forum launched, codework for notes section still in progress.
 β version 2014.0430 : We are now on SSL, complete website is now secured with GoDaddy's SSL certificate.
 β version 2014.0429 : Major css updates on Rank analyzer.
 β version 2014.0427 : CodeWork for notes section started.
                       Welcome Email sent to all registered users.
                       CodeWork for mobile version of website started.
 β version 2014.0417 : β version of website started.
                       Website launched.
 α version 2014.0416 : Alpha testing finished. 
 α version 2014.0411 : Alpha testing of website started. 
 α version 2014.0410 : All pages completed, everything finalised.
 α version 2014.0405 : NPTI, DITE, GBPGEC pictures done.
 α version 2014.0404 : HMR, JIMS, DTC, GPMCE, MAIT, GTBIT pictures done.
 α version 2014.0403 : CHBPGEC, ASET, USIT, USCT, AIACTR, BVP, MSIT pictures done.
 α version 2014.0402 : Dynamic front page created, algorithm set for rotation of images.
 α version 2014.0330 : Front page for college profile created.
 α version 2014.0329 : College profile page refurbished, complete layout changed.
 α version 2014.0325 : College comparison page done.
 α version 2014.0321 : Database created for College Comparison page.
 α version 2014.0320 : Work started for college comparison pages.
 α version 2014.0318 : GGSIPU 2014 Brochure and college notification page done.
 α version 2014.0317 : Domain name : finalised (unanimous decision by team).
 α version 2014.0316 : College analyzer page completed.
 α version 2014.0314 : Rank analyzer algorith completed. Rank analyzer page done.
 α version 2014.0311 : Decided that the project will split into two halves (Notes section and counseling section).
 α version 2014.0310 : NIEC,BPIT pictures done. 
 α version 2014.0309 : Started working on database (for different colleges).
                       Rank Analyzer Page Created.
                       Started working on algorithm for rank analyzer.
 α version 2014.0308 : First prototype of College Profile Created.
 α version 2014.0301 : Team assembled. 


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